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As a Locum Optometrist myself, I understand how frustrating and stressful the search for the right locum job can be. Countless emails back and forth that you often don’t hear back from, the back and forth with the recruiter when you FINALLY manage to come in first, badly designed apps with complicated user interface and the constantly changing WhatsApp groups make the whole experience less than enjoyable.

My name is Meera Raithatha and my journey in optics began 16 years ago. More specifically I have been a locum optometrist within retail, Domicillary, community and the hospital field for the last 5 years. Like most of my peers, I have been working very hard on my career gaining lots of experience and constantly improving my qualifications through continuous learning and the work I do day after day. My job is to help people, be a trusted professional they can rely on, constantly educating myself ensuring I can support and advise my patients the best way possible.

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My experience as an optometrist store manager, has give me great insight into the other side of the locum hiring process and understand the pain the store managers have to endure whilst simply trying to keep their shops up and running whilst maintaining high clinical standards and good customer service. The sheer amount of recruitment agencies they have to deal with to find a locum they can fully trust where this person would not let them down was an arduous process. 
I knew something had to change, and when I talked to my brother, Neil Ray, a successful tech entrepreneur and recruitment agency owner, he came up with the perfect solution on the spot. He pulled in some of the most experienced product managers and software engineers, who are true experts in their fields, to create a solution that benefits locums as well as employers: a simple, smooth and easy to use app that does not crash and actually works!

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Improving the way locum optometrists and opticians connect. 

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Neil is the Founder and Managing Partner of Livero Group. During his over 15 years experience within the recruitment sector he formed a clear vision of how a recruitment company should be structured to achieve maximum results for clients and candidates and the best work life balance for the consultants and all members of staff. Neil is a techie at heart and not only has he fully embraced technological advancements and AI to improve our processes but actually implemented his own ideas to make Livero Group the most forward thinking and modern recruitment company most consultants can only dream of working for. Neil has had multiple exits within the tech, recruitment and retail sectors and his passion for and experience in business benefits Livero Group and all group brands equally. He has great knowledge of and feel for trends, advancements and growth within the recruitment sector and keeps our finger on the pulse. 

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